Got Me Through the Game Faster

I signed up to play Clash Royale and soon found myself looking for clash royale cheats because that’s how I roll with these types of games. I probably wouldn’t use hacks for gaming because I like to experience the game the way the developers intended, but my problem is that I play so many different games that many times I don’t have the patience or time to grind through all the levels. Rather than give up playing, I will look around for ways to speed the game play up. That is why I looked for a cheat for this particular game.

Clash Royale comes to you from the same people behind the immensely popular Clash of Clans game.

Mail Order Processing Software

Are you looking to purchase or upgrade your mail order processing system for your business? There are many helpful things this type of software can do for you, but getting the most out of your purchase for the long haul is ideal. Here are some things to consider.

How does the system capture and store information? One of the key functions of mail order processing is to capture two main categories of information. The user must capture the product information, because without this there is no way to link the buyer to the product or service they purchased. So you first need a list of products and product IDs or codes. These are typically some sort of SKU. If you have a drop ship business it’s best to use the manufacturer’s SKU. Your software should allow you to manually input or automatically import this information. You also need to capture the customer’s information including name, company, billing address, shipping address, telephone, email, and any notes. Customer information should also be importable from another program or file to make things easy.

Can multiple users work on the mail order processing software? These type of systems typically have a single database and the actual user interface. Multiple users should be able to work on the platform at once to enable your business to grow. If the system is software located on your PC or Mac then the computers will need to be on a network together to allow this. If the system is web-based then the users just access it through their web browsers. A key function to have is user-based security which requires a login and password for each user. This lets you view the mail order information by user for productivity analysis.

How does the system handle increasing volume? A mail order or drop shipping business will only be profitable if you have a large volume of transactions. This means your mail order processing software must be able to scale to accommodate large transaction volume. As mentioned above, you will likely have multiple people entering customer, product, and order data. When things get busy there will be several users working at the same time as fast as they can. The last thing you want is to have speed limitations when volume escalates and you have the opportunity to make a lot of profits. Make sure you look at the performance figures provided by the software vendor to ensure they’re good enough to accommodate big growth in your business without infrastructure reinvestment.

Are users able to learn the mail order processing system quickly and at low cost? one of the hidden costs of software is user training. Not everybody will understand immediately how the software works. You will have employee turnover to deal with occasionally, along with learning the new system when it’s installed. If the software takes a long time to learn or requires expensive training, then you need to factor that into your budget. Be sure to ask about training before you buy, including a realistic training budget. Also look for detailed online or electronic manuals, and user forums and online help that are updated regularly. This can be a great help when a user runs into a situation that needs to be fixed quickly!

Building and running a mail order or drop shipping business takes a lot of effort. It can also be very fulfilling and a good money generator if you build lots of sales volume and set up your IT infrastructure for maximum efficiency. Hopefully, these few tips will help you navigate buying and using a mail order processing system.

Family Tree Maker Software

Choosing family tree maker software can present a confusing selection of choices. When creating your family tree there is a large variety of different family tree making software available that you can use. It can be difficult to absorb the variety and the features that the manufacturers are enticing you with. Some are free and some are for sale, but as you can imagine, you will usually get better value from the ones that you buy.

Before we get into looking at some of the software on the market that comes recommended, let’s run through the following checklist.

Checklist of the qualities that any family tree maker software should have:

  • It must be able to sync with genealogical websites because these are critical as you continue to build your family tree. There is some software, especially the free, that will allow you to do a lot but will not allow you to get data or deposit data. It might end up taking you a lot of time to transfer data that you could have done by the simple click of a button.
  • Get software that allows you to insert pictures, as well as footnotes to go with the pictures. A family tree with pictures is much more complete than one without, and you should also make sure that the picture quality that you get is clear.
  • Family tree maker software should allow you a place to insert notes as you go along. You will surprised by the amount of information that you gather as you find out more and more about your family’s history and you need a place to record it. Make sure that it’s web compatible and that it can be upgraded.

Let us now look at the best recommended ones in the market:

  • Roots Magic Essentials
  • This one is downloadable for free, but it has shortcomings. You will not be able to use it to search directly on the web for information and neither can you create a web page or get technical support. For basic family tree creation however, it does a perfect job.

  • Roots Magic 4
  • It comes much easier to use than the free version, and it allows access to the web as well as creation of free web pages. It offers a print function so that you can print any part of your family tree should you choose to.

  • Reunion 9
  • It’s touted as the world’s best genealogy software and it comes compatible with several operating systems, including Mac. Though a bit more expensive than the others, it has many additional features and these are the ones that will make it much easier to create your family tree.

  • The Master Genealogist V7 Gold
  • This is the best for creating big family trees and genealogy projects. It’s created to accommodate a lot more detail and is mostly used by professionals. It will also allow a user to publish in several formats, and is compatible with different operating systems as well.

Where do you get this software?

The best place to shop is online. First look at Amazon because you are likely to find a great deal there – someone who bought the software and never got to use it. If you can’t find anything on Amazon, try eBay. The other option is to go to the website of the company that makes the software and buy straight from them.

Choose Carefully

Don’t rush your decision when choosing family tree maker software. Make a list of what your expectations are and download and play around with the free versions of the options that most appeal to you. There is no point paying money and then spending hours inputting data into a software program that, a few weeks down the line shows itself to lack certain features that are going to be important for you. Take your time and choose carefully.

Best Free Software For Internet Marketing

When you start an Internet marketing campaign to promote your products or business, you enter an arena filled with competition. Unless you are marketing a product that is extremely unique, there will be many others ahead of you promoting products similar to yours. How can you stand out?

First impressions are important so step number one is to have a website that has a polished and professional appearance. I am sure you have visited websites that had a jumbled appearance, where the text on a page didn’t wrap properly around the graphics.

That kind of display doesn’t help build confidence in your Internet marketing campaign.

Two pieces of software are required to build an attractive website:

  • Web page building software- to format the HTML page
  • Graphics software- to edit and customize images

A jumbled looking website can be the result of using website building software that doesn’t provide enough options to precisely position the text and graphic elements. Many of the free website building software programs are limited in that area.

A high end website building program like Dreamweaver provides plenty of options for controlling the final look of a web page, but it is not free software. Luckily the open source movement has gained momentum and there is an excellent website building program called Nvu. The name Nvu stands for “New View”. Nvu has a user interface that is very similar to Microsoft FrontPage, but is even easier to use than FrontPage in my opinion. Visit to download a copy.

Nvu is free software.

Kompozer is a slightly newer program based on Nvu, and it is also available for free.

Another necessity for building a professional looking website is a graphics editing program. You will need to resize and edit photos and other graphic elements for your website. The free paint program that comes with Windows is useful for simple graphics editing, but it is very limited in features. It is not able to do things like drop shadows behind text for making attractive logos. Adobe Photoshop is one of the industry standards for this type of work. If you buy custom graphics they are often in the proprietary Photoshop file format. These files end with the three-letter file extension of “psd”.

Not all graphics editing software programs can work with Photoshop files but an excellent free software program called Gimp can work with Photoshop files and it has most of the graphics editing features found on high priced graphics programs.

Gimp is also an open source project and can be downloaded from Gimp is also free software.

Many web designers are now using blogging software that resides on the website server to handle the presentation of their web sites. This is probably not necessary for a simple 5 page informational website. But if you want the Web 2.0 features of providing RSS feeds and accepting user comments then blogging software is almost a necessity.

One of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress. The basic design elements of a WordPress website can be changed easily by applying different WordPress themes. One of the advantages of using WordPress is that there are now a large number of free themes available from independent developers.

WordPress can be downloaded for free from It is also available as “click to install” option on the control panel provided by many web hosts.

Installing WordPress from the control panel of your website is a big advantage. It makes the installation easy, but more importantly it automates the process of upgrading the software when upgrades become available. Generally you can upgrade to a new version with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Best Free Software For Your Laptop

1. Winzip

The first program that is super useful is Winzip. This is a compression program which reduces the file size of your documents. A 5 MB Word document can be easily compress into, say, 2 MB. This is very useful is you intend to send out documents over email. Winzip is freeware, but there is an evaluation screen you need to click past whenever you launch the program. Download it here.

2. TreePad Lite

I love to organize my personal information. An information manager program is very useful for organize chunks of thoughts, ideas and information you might have. One such program is TreePad Lite, which does a very good job of this. It is basically a treelist, with “nodes” for storing information. The program is very light and clean and is a perfect information manager. Download and try it out here.

3. Adobe Acrobat Reader

The next best freeware program in my list is Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is again a must-have freeware program for reading ebooks that you download off the Internet. It has a ton of nice features, including the ability to read ebooks aloud using your laptop’s sound system. In fact, I sometimes find Adobe Acrobat Reader so useful that I’d recommend folks to upgrade it to the full version, Adobe Acrobat. This enables you to create PDF files, and also provides you another very useful function – the ability to print documents into PDF format. Get the program here.

4. Mozilla Firefox

The next freeware program is Mozilla Firefox. This is a great program compared to Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are ways to introduce free add-ons into the program to make your surfing experience better. The program is faster than Internet Explorer and I find it is also leaner and meaner. There might be competition coming up from Google’s new Chrome browser though – but in the meantime, Firefox is great for me. Download it here.

5. MSN Messenger

The last essential freeware out there? It’s got to be MSN Messenger. These days, everyone chats online and MSN Messenger has more or less become the default program people use. Watch out for viruses that can be spread through MSN Messenger – but otherwise it is the perfect tool for Web-based chat.


On the whole, you’ll find that there is a lot of free software which easy to obtain and install on your new laptop. These improve your productivity and come at no cost. You can check out the sites or to check for new freeware programs to use – they are two of my favorite freeware sites. Hope you enjoyed this review and until next time, good luck and happy surfing!

Choosing The Right Trading Software

For many traders, brokerages and investors hoping to improve their skills in trade and financial investment, a good commercial software is necessary. Stock exchange software is a very useful tool when you are new to the industry and it is convenient to use, especially with the range of figures and information that can be evaluated.

Thanks to the net, many investment opportunities have sprung up even for freshers. Start-ups can learn quickly about the industry with the right software. They can download free versions to practice stock trading in a simulator. Pros use software to fine tune their skills just as the freshers do.

1. Beware of low grade products on the net – Everybody likes to save the odd buck, so a free software may seem tempting to download. However, many of them have their drawbacks. There are programs that carry within them the hidden programs which deviously move into your hard drive. Some can be as innocuous as games, while others can edit your records and try accessing your browsing activities and personal info.

So if free software download is what you choose to go with, at least make sure it comes with a good review.

2. What these software offer – When you use software for stock trading, you will be able to analyze options with ease. The software usually have online updates, so you can be sure you are never left behind. And then they show you live streaming thanks to the net.

3. In addition, when using commercial software, you will be automatically be informed of the latest news from the industry, to keep you abreast. Some of the news could be vital to your decision making.

4. But primarily you must choose a program that is not too difficult to master and use . There’s no point in using a software that is just not in the vicinity of your wavelength. Remember, it’s your money that is at stake, so you need to understand every stage of your decision making process well.

5. Some of these software have an in built crash course for those new to the stock industry. But most of them simply assume you already have a basic knowledge of working in the industry. In such case, if you are a total beginner it is well worth your time to attend a few work shops and seminars.

6. Guaranteed and reliable customer support is also very crucial to choose the right software for negotiation. If the one you have just assumes that you will not need any help, move to the next. Even trade experts who have been in business for years to come questions about their movements. Thus, a program that offers no customer support is not good at all.

Free Help Desk Software Download

You know how having your own help desk software helps your business increase your profits, by having happier customers. Because when you show you can take care of their questions and problems effectively and fast, they are going to love buying from you.

But there is a small challenge here…

Helpdesk software solutions usually don’t come cheap. If you have done a bit of research, you already know most of the famous help desk software out there is quite expensive.

So is there an easier way? Can you really find a powerful, all-in-one help desk software to download for free?

The good news is, yes, there are some professional, great help desk solutions that are not only easy to use and very powerful, but also totally free to download and use.

It is like a secret weapon many famous companies use. Actually you may have already been there and used the free helpdesk interface thinking how professional it was and it should have cost them a few thousand dollars to build.

What you probably didn’t know was it was actually a free helpdesk software they easily downloaded online and customized it for their business.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you do the same and make such a powerful impression on your customers?

Another name for these free solutions is open-source help desk software. It means the source of the software is open to public users to download and change to any way you wish.

Isn’t it just perfect for your business? You can simply download them for free and then customize the software for your business to match your exact needs.

How to Find the Best Free Help Desk Solutions?

If you search online, you’ll see there are quite many websites that offer you the promise of great free help desk solutions. But the secret is, what most of them are offering is actually a free trial of their expensive software.

So after you try and like the software, you have to pay hefty amounts of money to be able to continue using it.

But what about truly free helpdesk services? There are a few secret resources where you can find top quality helpdesk software to download for free.

By discovering where to find them, you will get an unfair advantage over your competition.

Looking for easy-to-use help desk software to download for your business? Why pay money when you can find powerful help desk software downloads for free.

How to Find the Best Antivirus Software

How do I know I have the best firewall and virus scan? You really can never know for sure. Most people just download whatever free software they can find and they are not even aware that the antivirus software itself could be a virus, or spyware or any of the threats that face our computers these days.

Here are some tips that will help you decide the best possible from a myriad of antivirus options.

  1. Download your antivirus software from a reputable source. One of the best ways to determine a reputable source is if you go to them rather than they coming to you. What do I mean? Never click on a pop-up for example.
  2. Choose a review source that you trust. For me it is Consumer Reports magazine and their accompanying website. They have no advertising and no axe to grind. They are a non-profit publication and all their resources goes into purchasing the products and testing them. There are other sources such as Cnet, but they accept advertising. In fact, they accept a lot of advertising and it is easy to click on the wrong thing.
  3. Don’t be afraid to spend some money for your antivirus software. The honest truth is, the best stuff is not free. There are many free trials, but to have the software and have the full functionality of your antivirus software, you usually have to pay for it. Of course, there are very many excellent free versions such as Yahoo and other big companies but do not be cheap with your security.

Find Good Antivirus Software

Today computer has become as important for us as we breathe. Without our knowledge computer has dominated our every sphere of life and now we can not even imagine our life without it. Agriculture, education, health, communication, and transport everything is run with the help of computer. But the computer would not have been so powerful without internet. It is the networking capacity of internet that computer has become so vital and powerful. But as we know every good thing has some bad effects, internet brings with it the deadly disease of virus to our computer which can ruin the data and even the whole system.

As computer has become so vital in our life we should always be careful to take care of it. Viruses and hackers are the greatest threat for our computer. Whenever we think of computer we can not help thinking about the deadly viruses and hackers. If we are not careful the deadly viruses can corrupt our valuable data in a second and we can not do anything. So, once we know that the viruses are such a great threat for our computer we should have a detailed knowledge of our computer, the antivirus software and viruses as well. Only the appropriate antivirus software can guard the safety of our computer.

It is always a matter of concern for us to choose the best antivirus software for our computer as there are so many new deadly viruses that are coming up and there are so many types of antivirus software in the market. So it is quite natural for us to get confused while choosing antivirus software for our computer.

To choose best antivirus software for our computer, first of all, we must know our computer and its duties. As we know computer is used for various purposes and internet is a must. So we can not avoid the viruses. So it is better to have a thorough knowledge about the all the new viruses and the antiviruses as well.

While selecting antivirus software we must know how frequently the virus definition is updated i.e. how frequently the program will check whether the computer is infected or not. It is always better to have the one which can check the infection more frequently.

Secondly, normally there is no harm in checking the virus manually. But sometime we become negligent and forgetful. So it is always safer to have the one which can update the virus definition automatically.

Thirdly, as soon as we go on-line there is possibility of our computer becoming infected by the viruses? So, it is always safer to choose antivirus software which can check the viruses in our incoming e-mail.

Lastly, the antivirus should have an automatic program that can check virus of the whole system on a regular basis automatically. It should also have a program to clean the detected viruses automatically.

Purchasing Software Online

Online shopping to buy software on the internet can be somehow rather a bit tricky, especially if we want to do it for the first time. It doesn’t matter whether we want to upgrade an existing software package or finding a new application to install, the actual process of doing that is not really that complicated if we know what to look for.

Software Buying Tip # 1 – Read customer reviews
There are a lot of popular online stores, such as Amazon who provide a place for user to leave their feedback and comment on any products. We will basically get some ideas whether the product that we want to buy is really worth the pennies or not by reviewing all the positive and negative feedback from the real customers.

Software Buying Tip # 2 – Software Compatibility
The most important thing to consider is the program specification itself whether it is compatible with our computer specification or not. There are specific common specification will be provided by the software vendors such as type of processor, operating system, amount of RAM required and hard disk space required for that particular software.

Software Buying Tip # 3 – Get Familiar with the Software
We have to make sure that we really know what type of software that we are going to buy by checking the description and its capabilities. Some software does provide a trial run for certain period of time. So we can make use of this opportunity to test and evaluate it. Once we have confirmed the effectiveness and get familiar with all the features only then we can make our own decision whether to proceed with the procurement or not.

Software Buying Tip # 4 – Buy from reputable company
The reason why we need to buy any software from the reputable company is to make sure that we will get a good after sales services, reliability, quality of the products and timely shipment. Another main reason is we can ensure that the copy of software that we buy from them is the original copy and not the ‘pirate’ version.

Software Buying Tip # 5 – Compare prices
Selling software online is very competitive because there are so many retailers are selling the same products at different prices. We as a buyer should take this opportunity to find the best software based on our need at a very reasonable price. But bear in mind that not all the cheap software can really deliver what we need.

Software Buying Tip # 6 – Credit Card for Payment
We should consider using credit card when purchasing software online. In the events that the software is not delivered, or is not as advertised or is damaged during the shipment there will be a dispute resolution process provided by most of the credit card companies.

Software Buying Tip # 7 – Get all the Software related materials
If we are purchasing software from another individual, we need to make sure that the software has all the manuals and products keys to ensure proper installation.