How to Find the Best Antivirus Software

How do I know I have the best firewall and virus scan? You really can never know for sure. Most people just download whatever free software they can find and they are not even aware that the antivirus software itself could be a virus, or spyware or any of the threats that face our computers these days.

Here are some tips that will help you decide the best possible from a myriad of antivirus options.

  1. Download your antivirus software from a reputable source. One of the best ways to determine a reputable source is if you go to them rather than they coming to you. What do I mean? Never click on a pop-up for example.
  2. Choose a review source that you trust. For me it is Consumer Reports magazine and their accompanying website. They have no advertising and no axe to grind. They are a non-profit publication and all their resources goes into purchasing the products and testing them. There are other sources such as Cnet, but they accept advertising. In fact, they accept a lot of advertising and it is easy to click on the wrong thing.
  3. Don’t be afraid to spend some money for your antivirus software. The honest truth is, the best stuff is not free. There are many free trials, but to have the software and have the full functionality of your antivirus software, you usually have to pay for it. Of course, there are very many excellent free versions such as Yahoo and other big companies but do not be cheap with your security.

Find Good Antivirus Software

Today computer has become as important for us as we breathe. Without our knowledge computer has dominated our every sphere of life and now we can not even imagine our life without it. Agriculture, education, health, communication, and transport everything is run with the help of computer. But the computer would not have been so powerful without internet. It is the networking capacity of internet that computer has become so vital and powerful. But as we know every good thing has some bad effects, internet brings with it the deadly disease of virus to our computer which can ruin the data and even the whole system.

As computer has become so vital in our life we should always be careful to take care of it. Viruses and hackers are the greatest threat for our computer. Whenever we think of computer we can not help thinking about the deadly viruses and hackers. If we are not careful the deadly viruses can corrupt our valuable data in a second and we can not do anything. So, once we know that the viruses are such a great threat for our computer we should have a detailed knowledge of our computer, the antivirus software and viruses as well. Only the appropriate antivirus software can guard the safety of our computer.

It is always a matter of concern for us to choose the best antivirus software for our computer as there are so many new deadly viruses that are coming up and there are so many types of antivirus software in the market. So it is quite natural for us to get confused while choosing antivirus software for our computer.

To choose best antivirus software for our computer, first of all, we must know our computer and its duties. As we know computer is used for various purposes and internet is a must. So we can not avoid the viruses. So it is better to have a thorough knowledge about the all the new viruses and the antiviruses as well.

While selecting antivirus software we must know how frequently the virus definition is updated i.e. how frequently the program will check whether the computer is infected or not. It is always better to have the one which can check the infection more frequently.

Secondly, normally there is no harm in checking the virus manually. But sometime we become negligent and forgetful. So it is always safer to have the one which can update the virus definition automatically.

Thirdly, as soon as we go on-line there is possibility of our computer becoming infected by the viruses? So, it is always safer to choose antivirus software which can check the viruses in our incoming e-mail.

Lastly, the antivirus should have an automatic program that can check virus of the whole system on a regular basis automatically. It should also have a program to clean the detected viruses automatically.

Purchasing Software Online

Online shopping to buy software on the internet can be somehow rather a bit tricky, especially if we want to do it for the first time. It doesn’t matter whether we want to upgrade an existing software package or finding a new application to install, the actual process of doing that is not really that complicated if we know what to look for.

Software Buying Tip # 1 – Read customer reviews
There are a lot of popular online stores, such as Amazon who provide a place for user to leave their feedback and comment on any products. We will basically get some ideas whether the product that we want to buy is really worth the pennies or not by reviewing all the positive and negative feedback from the real customers.

Software Buying Tip # 2 – Software Compatibility
The most important thing to consider is the program specification itself whether it is compatible with our computer specification or not. There are specific common specification will be provided by the software vendors such as type of processor, operating system, amount of RAM required and hard disk space required for that particular software.

Software Buying Tip # 3 – Get Familiar with the Software
We have to make sure that we really know what type of software that we are going to buy by checking the description and its capabilities. Some software does provide a trial run for certain period of time. So we can make use of this opportunity to test and evaluate it. Once we have confirmed the effectiveness and get familiar with all the features only then we can make our own decision whether to proceed with the procurement or not.

Software Buying Tip # 4 – Buy from reputable company
The reason why we need to buy any software from the reputable company is to make sure that we will get a good after sales services, reliability, quality of the products and timely shipment. Another main reason is we can ensure that the copy of software that we buy from them is the original copy and not the ‘pirate’ version.

Software Buying Tip # 5 – Compare prices
Selling software online is very competitive because there are so many retailers are selling the same products at different prices. We as a buyer should take this opportunity to find the best software based on our need at a very reasonable price. But bear in mind that not all the cheap software can really deliver what we need.

Software Buying Tip # 6 – Credit Card for Payment
We should consider using credit card when purchasing software online. In the events that the software is not delivered, or is not as advertised or is damaged during the shipment there will be a dispute resolution process provided by most of the credit card companies.

Software Buying Tip # 7 – Get all the Software related materials
If we are purchasing software from another individual, we need to make sure that the software has all the manuals and products keys to ensure proper installation.

Malware, Spyware and Adware Software

Statistics show that over 90% of Internet connected computers are infected with spyware or adware. Many free programs (especially file sharing software), screensavers come bundled with ad software, or outright spyware. These programs show you advertising and/or spy on your browsing habits. There are other kinds of malicious software that can record every keystroke on your computer and send it all to a host computer.

The symptoms of spyware/adware are strange popups, slow computer, extra toolbars in Internet Explorer, and sometimes hefty 1-900 telephone bills.

Because your privacy and identity are at steak you cannot afford not to be protected from these malicious programs. There are many spyware removal and protection software out there. Out of hundreds of similar software which one are you going to trust to protect your privacy and your data? We have tried over 50 of these and came up with a list of the 3 best spyware removal programs.


In our opinion XoftSpy is the fastest spyware removal tool we tested to date. It is also the easiest to use having only four buttons: Start, Backup, Remove, Update.
It updates the spyware definition automatically. Its price is a little higher than the other two, but because of its speed and the highest number of recognized threats it is really worth the extra 10 bucks.


NoAdware boasts an attractive, easy to use interface. It packs powerful features. Altough it did not recognize as many threats as our #1 rated prouct, it did a very good job cleaning our test computer. It is easy to install, and despite many rorumors about this product, customer service is very quick and helpful.

Pal Spyware Remover

This program has an older looking but easy to use interface. Its scanner is almost as fast as XoftSpy’s and it has some extra settings for those who like to tweak around. It caught all spyware components installed on our test computer. Customer Service is great, and they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

There are also many more different malware removal softwares on the market which provide great support and an excellent service. I have just provided you with the ones that I know work and get results, but this is just the tip of the ice burg. I suggest that you read more reviews and get a better idea of whats out there before committing to anyone in-particular.

For example, you should probably check out malware bytes considering as that has had some fantastic reviews from some of the top techbloggs out there are looks like it’s doing a really fantastic job.

Automated Forex Trading Software

Foreign currency exchange trading or Forex is one of the many businesses which have been made easy by technology through the various automated Forex trading software systems that allow users to create both demo and real accounts. Forex is a lucrative business but a risky one too. Hence, if you are planning to venture into Forex industry, the best way to begin and learn is by creating a demo account.

Foreign exchange currency trading environment can be simulated for the practice user which can be used to get introduced to and build proficiency with the actual Forex trading systems. You can switch to a real account once you have developed the required skills for trading. The following paragraphs provide you with tips to be considered while selecting best Forex trading software to maximize your currency trading profits.

There are two types of automated Forex trading systems. First one is desktop-based (offline) and second one is Internet-based (online) systems. The internet based systems are similar to any other online banking account and offer a high level of data security as they operate from data-encrypted secure servers.

The online software systems do not demand any maintenance unlike the desktop-based systems, as you do not have to deal with downloading, installing or upgrading the software. If you are a frequent traveler, you can access your account from anywhere in the world. If you have a high-speed DSL or broadband connections then go for the internet-based software system.

The demo account or real account can be opened easily with any of the various online brokerage websites. The demo accounts usually charge a small fee which will be waived once you create a real account. Do not hesitate to create a demo account because of the fees, as a demo account is highly valuable to a beginner in Forex trading.

The major purpose and advantage of the demo account is to familiarize the trader with the trading system and the software. These accounts come with extensive tutorials and learning material about the software as well as trading process. The demo accounts provide virtual money for trading. You can practice the art of Forex trading and experiment with the virtual money until you are confident about your trading skills and knowledge. Once you start booking consistent profits with virtual money then you can create a real account and start investing money.

The internet is mushroomed with innumerable Forex trading systems, both internet-based and desktop-based. Hence it becomes very important and difficult to choose software that works for you. A complex software can hamper your efficiency, whereas a very simple one could have many features missing. The choice should be based on the ease of use, learning resources available and the features available for trading and managing your account.

Once you have found the software that suits your needs and honed your trading skills with the demo account, the real account can be created with the same broker. You can still continue to use the demo account to test your new ideas and to experiment when you are in a doubt before investing real money or to monitor your own performance.

Choosing the Best Automatic Forex Trading Software

Choosing the best automatic Forex trading software is critical to Forex trading success. There are several Forex software programs on the market. However, few deliver on their promises. Selecting the correct software is key to financial success trading Forex. This article will provide 3 tips to consider for your trading success.

1 — Broker Selection.  This may seem strange since there are hundreds of Forex brokers. Not to be to negative, but the selection of the wrong broker can be very costly. For example, if the broker has “market makers” between you and the real market, there could be a considerable conflict of interest. Why? Because when one places a trade the “market maker” could be taking the opposite side of the trade. Therefore, if you win the “market maker” loses on the trade. See the potential conflict. This does not always happen but could.

Also, if the broker does not provide good currency price spreads (i.e. the bid ask spread), one may not find safe trades. This may not seem important but one should have as many items on their side as possible to make money. There are brokers that both provide good price spreads and direct access to currency trades, without “market makers” in the middle. Slippage and off quotes may also produce trading problems.

2 — Realistic Plan Or Expectations.  This is an interesting area. Many people invest in stocks individually or through mutual funds. Most generally accept a 15% per year gain as fairly good. Also, declines, similar to what the market has experienced recently, i.e. about 50%, are considered bad but many people just accept this as a part of the “buy and hold” approach. This is a mindset that has been around for a long time.

When trading with a program and buying stocks or currency the expectation seems to change. All of a sudden one seems to expect returns of 100% per month or else something is wrong with the program or system they are using. Realistically a return of about 10% per month (120% per year) is reasonable with the best automated Forex software. This level of return would be considered unrealistically high with most stocks or mutual funds. Returns of 40-50% per month are possible with certain Forex software.

3 — Automated Forex Software Programs. This is the third leg of the stool. While the other two are very important, the correct software program is perhaps the most important.

The software should be simple and have the ability for the owner to modify settings as market conditions warrant. For example, if the software is optimized for multiple currency pairs one should be able to modify settings for each currency pair as conditions change. The software supplier should provide initial settings.

Positive back test trading results, when evaluating the purchase of software, are important. However, live trading results are much more important. Back test results are easily manipulated and may provide information that is positive but not realistic, when compared to live trading. Be certain to look for live account trading results. If you do not see live results consider passing on the software. Additionally, longevity of results are important. Look for months or years of live results not just a few days or weeks.

Novice traders often rely on only a small number of trades to make a decision on software. As with any trading system, one is looking for settings that provide a high probability of success. A consistent 100% success rate is not possible, therefore, negative trades are likely. If only a few trades are used to evaluate the software a higher proportion of negative trades are possible within the testing period.

A good Forex software program should be able to be set to trade independently and require a minimum amount of monitoring. However, one should review results and settings to help optimize performance. Forex trading signals are not good enough. The software should be able to enter and exit the trade automatically, using your settings as a guide.

The software supplier should offer an evaluation period. During this period one should have adequate time to set up the software and have at least 30 trades to evaluate the software in demonstration mode before final purchase. After adequate demonstration one may then move to live trading.

Blogging Software Tips

Commission Maniac is about attaining real results with your internet business by having the information and training to get to that goal very easily and effortlessly, with a sound automated process.

Craig Kaye delivers a no-holds-barred auto-blogging application that was created to take your internet business from earning zero to making a healthy income and he does it without any of the usual B.S. The method includes an automated software package suite that will put an end to the long hours you would usually devote to sitting in front of your pc attempting to get your website ranked. You’re going to possess the software and knowledge to have your site live and ranking with very little effort on your behalf.

The step-by-step coaching can give you access to sources and products that the majority of the internet marketing guru’s use. You will be able to create brilliant content-rich blogs that will deliver value to your audience. Also, the system’s software program will automatically post new material in your own blog for your visitors!

With Commission Maniac you are going to get blueprints and a software package that will teach you the most effective ways you can setup your blogs, the way you can target successful niches, how you can do powerful keyword research and just how to use the powerful software program and methods to your advantage.

Pingdom dot com recently stated that you will find more than a 150 million blogs posted online today. This figure is regularly shifting as a result of the development of new applications, resources, and software (like Commission Maniac) that will show you a simple and straight forward technique that can have anyone getting started on their very own website (even folks with very little marketing or writing experience).

You’ll find three principal blogging classes online today:

Individual/Personal bloggers
Company bloggers
Specialist bloggers
Problogging (specialized blogging) refers to blogging for profit. Probloggers (expert bloggers) are individuals that make an income from blogging.
As shown below, there are a variety of strategies to make a healthy income from blogging:
Affiliate Software Programs
Digital Products
Blog network articles or blog posts
Creating blog sites for businesses
Flipping blogs
Consulting and Coaching

Whichever strategy you select, just make sure that it suits your style, in addition to fitting in to your budget to make sure that you stick with it for the long haul.

Read below for a few quick tips to keep in mind when putting your blogs together:

  • Be committed. Blogging usually will take time to create and continue on with, so like it, enjoy what your doing and make sure you have a long-term goal for your project.
  • Know your audience. Targeting a specific audience or group is often a important stage to creating a loyal group of readers.
  • Be an ‘expert’ inside your specialized area of interest. Concentrate on your subject and build your blog to show your practical experience within your particular niche. (Very Profitable)
  • Diversify. Never get stuck employing the exact same process all the time. Learn and experiment with the most effective way to create unique web page concepts that should enable you to generate a living writing blogs on the net.
  • Make sure your blog site is intriguing! Test unique themes and style, understand what your viewers like and do not like, be certain you pay attention to detail and do not clutter your web site. Be sure your written content is straightforward and covers the theme of your blog so your viewers will not be distracted and bounce off your website.
  • Interact with your readers! If a visitor leaves a suggestion or comment or maybe a question on your blog that needs a response, be sure you reply! First of all, it is just common courtesy to respond and secondly, your reader will like the fact that you have taken the time to respond to their comment or query and they will return to your site again and again.

Earning money from blogging is very obtainable, there are people that do it every single day. Do not think that it can be too tough or that you just are unable to do it, you will find a great number of tools, training and programs available that will make it so effortless. You will have the chance to learn from other internet entrepreneurs who do precisely the same thing every day, so do not miss out on a fantastic chance to start generating an income from your own home.

Novel Writing Software

If you are about to start writing your first novel then a novel writing software can help you in create your first novel. You can actually use such writing program in keeping track of your characters, places and events in your story. You can actually research on the Internet if you want learn more the features of novel writing software.

Features of a program such as book writing software is guidance in starting your story chapters. You can choose from different genres like Mystery, fiction and non-fiction, romance, action and sci-fi. As soon as you have chosen a genre, the software will show you guides in what to write.

Experienced writers use set of chapters to start their novel. With the help of a writing application you can use the number of chapters it provides so you can start writing your first novel. Here are some tips you can follow in starting to write your first novel:


Novel writing software guides you on how to set up, identify and create the characters in your story. If already have visualized a character, the software asks you questions through a resource box then all you have to do is type in some information about the character that you want. You have to provide answers so that it can give results in the end on who will be the first character in your story. The software allows you to answer questions like:

  • What are the special features of your character
  • Gender
  • Age
  • The height and the body built of your character and etc.

After doing so, the software will ask you question about what personality you would want your character to have. Questions like:

  • Do want your character to have a sense of humour
  • The attitude of your character
  • Is your character strong or weak and other personality traits.

Answer the questions briefly so that the software will provide you precise answers too. Keep in mind that software writing programs are dependent on the user to. These applications helps in guide you in editing your stories fast, avoid continuous mistakes and can help complete your novel instead of months to only weeks.

I was doubtful of the novel writing software before, but when I learned about its features online and has helped popular authors in their writing their novels. It was when I did research and acquired my own partner and guide as a writer.

Live Chat Software

It is a well known industry fact that live chat software can help transfer soft sales into dependable hard sales that you can count on every month. In fact, the sales conversion rates for websites that have a chat application versus those that do not are almost double, however, in order to see these sales you have to know how to make the most use out of your live chat software which is where these tips may come in handy.

Don’t string them along

The first fundamental role of effectively making use of a chat application is to offer the customer the quick and instant help that they need. If you make them wait for the chat conversation to initiate either due to slow broadband or because you have walked away from the chat window you are effectively turning your back on a customer that is asking for help. In a retail store if a customer were asking for help you would never ignore their request, and online the same principle is true when using a chat application. If you must walk away make sure to at least turn off the live chat software otherwise they are likely to get a poor impression of your website and simply browse on.

Offer a ‘Call back’ service

If you are planning on manning your own chat application it is only reasonable to expect that at times you will need to walk away from it. When you are offline make sure that you use the many perks of live chat software such as the ‘leave a message or call back’ feature. Customers that see these will know that you are unable to answer their requests and that you will get back to them as promptly as possible. This allows you to interact with them and offer reassurance that you will answer their query ASAP even if you are not physically able to do so at the moment.

Make use of pre and post-chat surveys

Many chat applications have an option to enable a survey that automatically pops up after every chat closes. If you want to make sure that you are getting the most information out of every contact with a customer and that you are tailoring your chats to suit their needs offer them the chance to fill out one of the surveys. Not only can you get information about the customer by using these surveys such as their email to add to your contact lists, but you can find out about your website product variety, service quality, and the overall shopping experience that they had while on your site and using your live chat application. This will help you see what the most common complaints are so that you can fix them.

Compile your own personal list of FAQs

Live chat conversations tend to follow the Pareto Principle which you may recognize as the rule of 80/20 which means that a good majority of the inquiries you receive through your live chat are the same over and over again. Build up a list of the FAQs that you receive over your Live chat software and use them to pre-store a library of applicable responses that you can quickly grab off a pre-stored list. It is much quicker to choose a response than it is to type the same response day after day and since your customers will likely never know you will get credit for answer their questions within seconds.

Buy Cheap Software Online

Software is the heart of any computer hardware. Technically speaking, computer software is a set of instructions that direct the computer to perform some specific tasks. In contradiction to the hardware which is the physical or tangible component of the computer, computer software is intangible and is stored in the memory of the computer. Therefore, every computer or computer operated system needs software to run. Software is purchased depending on the targeted task or operations to be performed. Due to the high price ranges of software in the market, the Internet has become the most prominent place to buy cheap software. At present, there are numerous online stores from where one can buy software. However, to buy cheap software, one should follow the following tips to ensure the genuineness and high quality of the software purchased.

Look for the upgraded edition

One should look for the upgraded version of the software that he/she is going to buy. Generally, some websites offer the older version of the software at a low or discount price, but it is useless. Nevertheless, by creating an account or signing up with a specific website one can get an advantage to buy cheap software. Such websites offer their registered customers the upgraded software at a lower price.

Comparison shopping

It is one of the ways to buy cheap software. Always opt for the websites that offer the price comparison facility between different websites. It helps the customer to evaluate the prices of the same product on different websites. It is not necessary that a popular website will allow you to buy cheap software too.

Check for the subsidiary charges

Before purchasing software online, one must properly check the additional charges like the delivery charges, taxes, etc. It can help to ensure that the product, which is being purchased, is cost-effective and the supplemental charges don’t surpass the budget.

Check the feedback

Before going to buy anything from a website, one must examine the reliability of the website. One can look the reviews of older customers on the website to get an idea about the credibility of the website. Consequently, such testimonials allow buying cheap software in a more relaxed way from the website.

Grab a Deal

Many companies offer discounts for the full version to the registered users for the trial version of a software. An easy way to buy cheap software is to subscribe the email list and follow the blogs of the manufacturers on their website. Many companies periodically post various offers and deals on their blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed. Through these channels, one can get a chance to grab a fantastic deal.

Today, the Internet has eradicated the need to visit or drive to the market to buy software. It is easily available at one’s doorstep through online shopping. However, when one goes for online websites to buy cheap software, proper examination of the websites and their policies should be done.